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To report cruelty, injured strays or wildlife:

CALL: 0300 1234 999

Guinea Pigs for rehoming

Teddy and Bear

Status: We're looking for a home...

Hey folks! 

We are a bonded pair of males who are looking for a new home. We are pretty handsome lads and love nothing more than some room to run around, a comfy bed and some treats every now and then! We can be skittish (as is the nature of a guinea pig!) but we would make excellent... [read more]

Chico and Coco

Status: We're looking for a home...

Hello there, 

We are the delightful duo of Chico and Coco! We came in separately but didn't want to be lonely so our foster carer successfully bonded us! We're looking for a new home where we can live together in a nice sized pen with plenty of room and treats! We're pretty happy to be... [read more]