To report cruelty, injured
strays or wildlife

To report cruelty, injured strays or wildlife


Breed: Spaniel cross

Age: Around 1 year old

Sex: M

Things to know

I can't live with cats

I can live with older children

A beautiful staffy/spaniel cross


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More information

Wilson… Where to begin? He came to our branch on the 6th May, but has been with the RSPCA since the end of March. He’s a boisterous and playful young man, and being a large spaniel-cross, he has plenty of quirks that make him unique.

He’s an extremely active dog – we are hoping his neuter will calm him down a little bit, but be warned, he acts just like a puppy! He does need some direction as he isn’t house-trained, and does love to splash around in his water bowl – someone with training know-how and experience would be ideal to gently teach Wilson some manners!

Wilson has previously lived with primary-aged children, but due to his excitability, we would say that you would need to keep an eye on him, as he is so full of love he tears around with no heed of his surroundings sometimes!

We believe Wilson is a spaniel-cross, however we are not sure with what breed, so here are some main aspects of a spaniel and their character you should be aware of:

  • Spaniels have unwavering loyalty and affectionate natures so they can be brilliant companion animals, Wilson is most definitely a loving guy
  • Wilson has a long coat, so he will need grooming and brushing fairly regularly
  • Their love for the outdoors and boundless energy makes them ideal partner for active families, outdoor enthusiasts and adventure-seekers, so Wilson will love a lot of exercise and attention to keep him busy
  • Their eagerness to please and intelligence makes them exceptionally trainable, Wilson certainly need some training still, however due to his young age, we are hoping he will adapt quickly

There is a video of Wilson that we’ve shared on social media on our Facebook page and Instagram on the 12th June 2024 (RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln and @rspcalincoln)


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