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Breed: Alsatian

Age: Around 1 year, 8 months

Sex: M

Things to know

I can live with any children

GSD Alsatian


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More information

Cody came to our branch on the 4th June 2024 after a change of circumstance meant his owner couldn’t spend as much time with him anymore. Being left alone for long periods was leading to Cody developing destructive behaviours like chewing on cupboards – so he’ll need an owner who can be there for plenty of play to make sure he isn’t bored.

His previous home did have children, so we expect that this isn’t an issue for him. However, he is a little loud and is displaying strong guardian tendencies with his territory, so he will likely need an owner who doesn’t mind him barking – however, proper socialisation has been shown to lessen this.

This beautiful German Shepard is so full of fun – he absolutely loves balls and gets on well with other dogs! He has a beautiful long coat, so will need grooming regularly – as well as this, he isn’t very gentlemanly and will often walk around with strings of slobber on his face – as you can probably see from his photos!

Being a German Shepard, Cody is likely to display some of these common breed traits:

  • German Shepards  are very loyal and affectionate, especially with close family members. Cody in particular can be very protective, and may suffer from separation anxiety when family members are away, so it may be better if his new owner can be present a large majority of the time.
  • German Shepards are often very intelligent – but this comes at a price: their stubbornness! An ideal owner would have breed experience or have thoroughly researched the ins and outs of owning a GSD breed – training is strongly suggested.
  • German Shepards are usually very athletic and active, so ensure you are able to provide Cody with plenty of walks, a large garden to run around in, and lots of playtime to stimulate him properly. We’d recommend some extracurriculars – like agility, tracking or herding (did you know this breed was originally bred for herding sheep?) to keep Cody on his toes!
  • Positive reinforcement is often the best way to train a German Shepard – reward good behaviour verbally or with treats and tell them ‘no’ to any bad behaviours.
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