To report cruelty, injured
strays or wildlife

To report cruelty, injured strays or wildlife


Fluffy came to us as her previous owner was not able to look after her anymore, she did come from a home with other cats, however she’s not keen on them and wants to be on her own. Fluffy is independent and everything is on her terms, she doesn’t like to be fussed.


Jasper have lived with other cats and came into our care at no fault of his. We believe Jasper is around 2 years old, maybe a little younger, he is already neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and is wanting a calm, consistent loving home and a family who will fuss him as he does like company. […]

Snow White

Snow White is a lion head cross and has been with one of our fosterers since the beginning of September 2023 and was young at the time, we decided to wait until she was at an age to be spayed to then find her a companion. Unfortunately the rabbit we had in mind has had […]

Luka, Luna & Smokey

Luka, Luna and Smokey came to us as their previous owner was not able to look after them anymore, they are all very bonded and have their own personalities. Luka the cat with the white chest is very loving, he does lots of head butts and relies heavily on Smokey. Smokey is the grey girl […]


Indy is a blue colour point ragdoll, she came to us through no fault of her own. She was loved and cared for from her previous owner and we are hoping we will be able to find her another home very similar. Indy would like a home with no other pets, to be an indoor […]

Gracie & Frankie

Gracie and Frankie have been in our care since the beginning of July, they were found as strays and in very poor condition and have battled through a few health issues, if it wasn’t for our amazing cattery and vets, they wouldn’t be with us now. The good news is they are now ready to […]


Sammie was loved and cared for well by his previous owner, unfortunately circumstances arose and he came to us. He was quite unsettled and a little thin when he arrived, clearly upset by everything that has happened and very rarely came out of his bed, however now with the love and attention from our cattery, […]


Maeve has lived with other cats and came into our care at no fault of hers. We believe Maeve is just over 1 year old, she is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated already so she is ready to find her new home. Black cats do tend to have bad press, however we are finding just lately […]


Badger is a typical male Patterdale, he loves his food and running around like a mad thing. We believe he is around 10 years old, he is still young at heart and still very active. Badger has come from a busy environment and we believe he has lived with other dogs in the past and […]


Toppa is a really lovely dog, he engages with people well, enjoys social interactions and responds well. He will need someone with some time to train him, as he is very strong and hasn’t had any previous training. We recommend an experienced big dog person, his ideal home would be no children purely due to […]