To report cruelty, injured
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To report cruelty, injured strays or wildlife

Wetherspoons Kittens

In 2018, Lincoln was hit by freezing spells and an awful lot of snow – causing chaos to roads and businesses alike. On 28 February 2018, during this freak snow storm, a member of staff walked into the men’s toilets in Ritz Wetherspoons on the High Street, and discovered a bag on the floor – with four tiny kittens inside!

The abandoned kittens – two male and two female – were found in a Tesco bag-for-life inside the toilets without food, water or bedding. Thankfully, the tiny kittens were brought by the member of staff, through the horrific snowy weather conditions, to our kitten fosterer by taxi. Without the member of staff’s quick thinking and kindness in going out of their way to deliver the kittens to safety, the kittens would certainly not have survived.

Named Bailey, Jameson, Tia Maria and Skyy after popular alcohol brands, the kittens were hand-reared and provided around-the-clock care – as without their mother, and the likelihood that these poor – thought to be newborn – babies hadn’t even had their mother’s milk yet, their little lives were at serious risk, and it wasn’t thought they’d even survive the night.

Despite their extremely young age, and their horrific ordeal, the kittens miraculously pulled through – attracting lots of interest from the local media and members of the public, who all wanted to know how the ‘Wetherspoons Kittens’ were doing – featuring in a beautiful follow-up video with local news distributer, The Lincolnite.

Despite the efforts of the Wetherspoons staff and RSPCA, the person who abandoned these poor defenseless kittens was never identified– however, given the unbelievably happy ending to this story, that is the only part worth focusing on!

Bailey (renamed Harley) and Tia-Maria (renamed Jemima) were rehomed together with their owner, Rachel who at the time said “I can’t describe how much I love these two little kittens – they’ve made my house a home again and it makes me so happy when they’re playing and racing around the house – especially considering their shocking start in life! They are such sociable, confident and loving kittens – I can only put this down to the wonderful care they received from their RSPCA foster carer Moira. I would recommend to anyone thinking of getting a cat/kitten to get one from the RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid and Lincoln Branch – this branch work so hard to look after the animals that come into their care”.

In loving memory of Harley

Watch media coverage of the incident here.